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Is Microsoft prepping a Windows 7 SKU specifically for Netbooks? (Update: Yes. Yes, they are)

I just heard a rumor that Microsoft is going to have a Windows 7 product version (SKU) specifically aimed at netbooks (“dumbed down, runs in less memory”), something that might be called Windows 7 Netbook. I obviously hope that this is not the case, but given yesterday’s discussion about the possibility of fewer Windows 7 SKUs—which would be GOOD—the idea that Microsoft may actually introduce more SKUs is, of course BAD. So. I don’t usually throw stuff like this out there, but … Does anyone know anything about this? Could someone please tell me this isn’t happening?

UPDATE: CNET confirms the Netbook SKU:

Microsoft has confirmed to CNET UK that it will be providing a version of Windows 7 specifically developed for netbooks and sub-notebook computers, as well as at least one version for consumers, and one for enterprise users.

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