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Microsoft plans major Windows 7 announcement

And Information Week makes some guesses as to what that will be but comes up woefully short.

Microsoft will make "major new announcements" relating to its forthcoming Windows 7 operating system when it launches the Release Candidate of the OS, according to a British technology news site.

Microsoft Windows OEM manager Laurence Painell told PC Pro that the company plans a "couple of additional, quite major announcements" at the time it releases Windows 7 RC. The Release Candidate will likely ship in May, though Microsoft has yet to formally confirm a date.

Painell did not provide further details about the announcements.

One possibility is that Microsoft may announce a release date for the final version of Windows 7 at the same time it ships the Release Candidate.

Announce a release date? Come on. That's not a big surprise, please guess again.

I do know what at least one of these big surprises is. And no, I'm not talking. But let's just say I've been hinting at it for a while now. And if you look at the original PC Pro article, you'll probably come up with a better guess than Information Week did.

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