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Microsoft My Phone update

Microsoft updated its My Phone blog the other day with good info:

The buzz and excitement around the service has really invigorated the team both in Braga, Portugal and Seattle to continue to work very hard to ensure a stable and solid service. The feedback we have received from you all on forums and blog comments has been really useful. We are taking this feedback into account for our future plans so please continue to share your thoughts. While it is not possible to comment and respond to all the feature requests, we would like to acknowledge the most frequently discussed topics on the forums:

  • Tighter integration with Windows Live services: Window Live suite of services provides a fantastic user experience around Contacts, Calendar, Photos and other user needs. We too are big fans and ardent users of these services and it is natural for you all to ask for tighter integration so that all of your personal data is consolidated in one single view. The initial goal for My Phone service was to test the concept and validate that we are solving a real problem for the users. Now that we have a resounding vote of confidence for the service our future plans are moving in this direction.
  • Support synchronizing additional data: Your phone is a very personal device for lot of us. For some of us it is akin to having all of life in your hands and it is not fun thinking about losing all of this information. We have tried to support syncing the most frequently used data types keeping in mind the current and future trends but at the same time we have room for growth in this area for syncing additional information. There has also been active discussion around providing flexibility to select folders and files from the phone for syncing it with the service and also providing the option to sync Contacts, Calendar and Tasks even though they are managed by Exchange/ActiveSync.
  • Suggestions on improving the experience on the My Phone Web Site: There have also been number of suggestions on further improving the overall usability of the web site along with the phone application. These are being evaluated on case by case basis and we will be taking those into account for future updates.

Thanks again for your feedback and keep it coming.

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