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Microsoft Launches Fix it Center Beta

Microsoft has launched a beta version of a new downloadable support tool called the Fix It Center. Here's the word...

Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) recently launched the Microsoft Fix it Center (Beta), a client and web-based service that guides users through the complete support experience with automated fixes, customized self-help in the cloud and seamless escalation to assisted support if needed.  Fix it Center is a free service that customers can download for in-depth troubleshooting and access to online tools that allow them to monitor multiple devices and find a richer set of relevant, targeted solutions.

Fix it Center is the next step in Microsoft’s commitment to offer customers intuitive, easy-to-use support tools that are available when and where they need them.  Fix it Center offers a number of customer benefits, including:

Better self-help and assisted support: Fix it Center helps users solve common issues automatically by running applicable troubleshooters on their machine and guiding them to automated fixes and customized self-help in the cloud.  If Fix it Center cannot solve a specific issue, customers can still access phone, email or chat support with a Microsoft Support professional who can access their Fix it Center account and get details about the hardware, the problem, and the solutions they have already tried, to ensure faster problem resolution. 

Broader product support:  Window 7 already offers a number of built in support capabilities, but Fix it Center leverages the same diagnostics model for Windows XP and Windows Vista, offering a consistent experience for customers. It also takes the troubleshooting experience to the next level by tying the results of the troubleshooting to Microsoft Support services in the cloud where users are offered additional self-help solutions and an easy and seamless handoff to assisted support if needed.  Fix it Center offers more than 300 solutions localized in 24 languages.

Easier support for SMBs: Fix it Center will ease the maintenance load and ensure that Microsoft technology is working reliably and efficiently.  Fix it Center will create an environment where small businesses can focus on their business, while Microsoft provides an easier experience where software works better and, when issues do occur, support is easier.

You can find out more at the the Fix it Center web site.

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