WhatsApp Returns to the Windows Phone Store with Fixes and New Features

WhatsApp Returns to the Windows Phone Store with Fixes and New Features

The WhatsApp app was unceremoniously removed from the Windows Phone store two weeks ago due to notification issues with Update 3 for Windows Phone 8. The issue did not affect the Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview, but was pulled nonetheless.

We here at WindowsITPro use the app to organize our group at events like TechEd so that we can communicate directly with each other. So, not having the app working is a pain. And, it’s also a pain for those thousands of users impacted by the removal of the app, apparently, because customers have been clamoring for its return since.

Late last night, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took to Twitter to announce the app’s return.

If you never uninstalled WhatsApp, the new version will be available to update. If you’ve never installed it, or uninstalled it from frustration, it’s available in the Windows Phone store here:

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

In addition to fixing the notifications problems, the new release comes with a few additional features including chat backgrounds, custom notification tones, and privacy settings.

WhatsApp is a popular messenger-type app that utilizes whatever data connection you make available (WiFi, cellular service) and is intended as a replacement to regular “texting” (SMS services). It utilizes WhatsApp’s own infrastructure to receive and deliver messages to individuals as well as groups of people. The app supports delivering text, video, and images.

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