Two-thirds of IT pros find their users still prefer Windows 7 over 10

Two-thirds of IT pros find their users still prefer Windows 7 over 10

One year after Windows 10 launch, change is still hard to swallow

Change is never easy, but Microsoft has been doing its best to give everyone a reason to upgrade: Offering free Windows 10 upgrades (for one week more!), beefing up security, and making a public push to hit a billion installations in the first three years.

So far, it hasn't gone quite exactly to schedule, due partially to Microsoft's mobile device struggles. But part of the culprit is that no matter how many improvements Windows 10 has, some people are extremely resistant to change, particularly when that change involves one of the most critical parts of their day-to-day routine.

A new survey from SpiceWorks found that 69% of IT departments reported that their users ultimately still feeling most comfortable with Windows 7.  Only 17% of IT departments reported their users being most comfortable with Windows 10.

That might just be one of the perils of developing software that becomes second nature to folks. Unfortunately, it's not just Windows 7 that folks are having a hard time letting go of: Another survey found that Windows Server 2003 is still in over half of enterprises ... a year after it hit end of life.

We'll have a lot of coverage of Windows 10 — including what's coming in anniversary edition — throughout next week, and be sure to check out coverage our our sister site SuperSite for Windows.

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