Skype Teams with Symantec and FaceTime to Offer Security Tools

Skype and Symantec announced a deal in which Skype will promote Symantec's Norton Internet Security and other Symantec Norton-branded products.

Skype, maker of VoIP solutions, says it has more than 171 million users worldwide. The company will offer Symantec's tools as a special promotion to its base of small business and home office users. The joint effort will use a co-branded Web site at which the Norton line of products will be made available.

"Skype has always been focused on providing a secure environment for its community of more than 171 million users, so they can safely make calls, send instant messages and transfer files," said Kurt Sauer, chief security officer at Skype. "Skype and Symantec's mutual commitment to security reinforces our pledge to ensure all users can have the necessary protection to keep their home and business IT environments safe."

Skype also entered into a deal with FaceTime Communications, maker of security solutions for peer-to-peer technologies. FaceTime will work with Skype's business users to provide end-to-end security within the enterprise. FaceTime Internet Security Edition helps manage how Skype is used, combining gateway security and control with endpoint management of Skype software.

"Today, 33 percent of Skype's users in North America are utilizing Skype for business purposes," said Kurt Sauer. "As a result of our work with FaceTime, network administrators now have centralized management capabilities in addition to the cost savings, simplicity and productivity advantages Skype offers to businesses."

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