Menu-Driven Script Lets You Store and Apply Registry Changes

Like most administrators, Dick Lewis often uses Group Policy to customize PC and server settings. When he needs more control, he manually makes registry changes with .reg files. However, he found that he often forgot how to accomplish the registry changes between new installations. To remedy this situation, he examined his usage patterns and discovered there were only about 20 or 30 .reg files that he used regularly. He integrated the information in these files into a menu-driven script named RegModsMenu.bat.

RegModsMenu.bat provides a simple yet safe way to store and deploy all commonly used registry modifications. The menu lets you easily find and select the registry modification you want to apply. If you put the script in a shared folder and connect to that share, you can make the changes to whatever computer you're logged on to. RegModsMenu.bat also illustrates how to use menus in scripts, which is a handy technique that you can use in other scripts.

To read more about and download RegModsMenu.bat, go to Dick's article "May I Have a Menu Please?" I've opened up this article and an article it references—"Creating a Shell Scripting Tools Menu System"—for public viewing. These articles will be open for public viewing only through October 4, so don't delay checking them out. If you enjoy reading these articles, you can get more of this type of content by subscribing to Scripting Pro VIP.

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