First Look: Xiaomi Mi Band 2

I recently received Xiaomi’s latest fitness wearable offering to test against the Microsoft Band 2. I’ll be putting it through its paces over the next week or so and reporting back.

So far, most recently I’ve tested the Band 2 against the Fitbit Blaze and the Garmin vivoactive HR. Both have their own unique value properties. With the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, I’m interested in seeing if a lower priced device can do the job enough for the people who are interested in only steps, HR, and calories.

Xiaomi touts the Mi Band 2 as one of the most accurate for wrist-based HR. That will also be of interest considering wrist-based HR is such an unproven technology, and because the Mi Band 2 actually showed a heart rate straight out of the box and before being attached to my wrist. This is exceptionally interesting because Xiaomi has made big efforts to pit the Mi Band 2 against the Apple Watch and Fitbit Blaze in HR tests. Most notably, Xiaomi has shown that both Apple Watch and Fitbit Blaze display a pulse from a soda bottle.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is available from Amazon for less than $60: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 With LED Display

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