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Fellow MVP Jeff Hicks took me up on a challenge and created a free PowerShell ISE add-in that, when invoked, will expand all aliases in your script into their full cmdlet names.Get it now. Go on, I'll wait.

This is something you've been able to do with PrimalScript and, with a free add-in, in PowerGUI - but now it's in the built-in native ISE. I always tell students to avoid aliases (except really obvious ones like dir) in favor of full cmdlet names, because the full cmdlet names are obviously easier to read. Better script maintainability = better scripts. But now you can have the convenience of typing aliases (or pasting them from elsewhere) and converting them automagically. This'll only work if the aliases you use are loaded into the ISE, meaning any aliases from an add-in module won't work unless the module is loaded.

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