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NOTE: I am being told that although the app store listing indicates this is the new combined Microsoft Authenticator App it is possible this may just be the initial rebranding of the Azure Authenticator App.  I will leave this gallery in place and update it if this is not the final version.


After being delayed about 10 days following the release of its iOS and Android counterparts, the new Microsoft Authenticator App for Windows Mobile devices is now available in the Windows Store for download.

The new app, which merges the Azure Authenticator, Microsoft account, and Multi-Factor Authentication apps into one app, can be used for Microsoft accounts that are either personal, work or school related.

It is also compatible with other services that offer multi-factor authentication logins such as LastPass, MaxCDN and others.

The app is very straight forward and enrollment of your account can be done by scanning in a QR Code or manually entering the key for that accounts authentication.

As you will see in one of the screenshots in this gallery the app uses a gray interface instead of the white background that was in the other authentication apps and you will notice the transparent action bar at the bottom of the app screen overlaying the last entry on the main page.

It does not prevent you from seeing the code you need to enter but it is not very pleasant from an esthetic view point.

A long tap and hold on any account listed in the app will bring up the option to delete that account. A brief tap on any account listed will copy the code to your devices clipboard so it can be pasted in another location if necessary.

The new Microsoft Authenticator app is available in the Windows Store for Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

P.S. Doesn't the keyhole on the new Microsoft Authenticator app look like a person icon

Thanks to Alan Mendelevich (@ailon) for the link to the new app.


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