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Mac market share for CY 2007 and Q4 2007

In keeping with a longtime tradition on my old Nexus blog, here are Apple's Macintosh CY 2007 and Q4 2007 market share figures. Apple today released its latest quarterly results, giving us the numbers we need to calculate where the Mac is at: IDC and Gartner previously released their figures for quarterly and yearly worldwide PC sales.

Here's how it breaks down. Gartner says that PC makers shipped 271.2 million PCs worldwide in 2007. IDC says the figure is 269 million, so we can average that to 270 million.

According to Apple, it sold 7.764 million PCs in 2007, so the Mac worldwide market share for 2007 was 2.875 percent. This is an improvement over 2006 (2.41 percent) and 2005 (2.28 percent).

For the fourth quarter, the average of the Gartner (75.9m) and IDC (77.4m) figures is 76.65 million. Apple sold 2.319 million PCs in the quarter, so the Mac market share for Q4 2007 was 3.12 percent. This is a huge improvement over the same quarter last year (2.4 percent).

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