Top 10 Stories About Compute Engines, Linux of 2023 (So Far)

ITPro Today’s most-read articles about compute engines includes video tutorials, how-to guides, and product comparisons.

Henry Chapman, Contributor

July 20, 2023

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During the first half of 2023, ITPro Today readers sought information on a hodgepodge of topics, including containers, resource optimization, and Linux essentials.  

Here’s a midyear rundown of our top articles about compute engines and Linux in 2023. We’ve also included some suggested reading.

1. Is Docker Still Worth Learning for IT Operations Teams? Probably Not

Many IT pros have asked whether Docker is dead. Read this explainer to gain a better understanding of Docker tooling and its diminishing relevance in the realm of ITOps. 

Breaking the Mold:How EBPF Will Revolutionize Container Monitoring

2. How I Reclaimed Terabytes of Disk Space From Hyper-V

In this article, contributor Brien Posey discusses an experience he had when dealing with limited file storage. Posey guides readers through the step-by-step process of reclaiming disk space and avoiding the need for a storage refresh.

Tools of the Trade: 7 Open Source Tools that Benefit IT Operations Teams

3. AppImage vs. Snap: How To Choose the Right Linux Software Packaging Tool

Tech analyst Christopher Tozzi compares two Linux software package tools and explains the subtle differences of each. Learn when it's best to use AppleImage vs. snap. 

AppImage in a Nutshell: How To Use AppImage in Linux

4. How To Use Windows Subsystem for Linux

Here’s an in-depth look at installing and using Windows Subsystem for Linux. The benefits include seamless execution of Linux apps, the ability to run multiple Linux distributions, and compatibility with Windows 10 and higher.

For Linux Aficionados: Mastering File Permissions in Linux

5. How To Choose Between Serverless, VMs, and Containers

Organizations are exploring various virtualized computing options for running applications in the cloud. These alternatives include virtual machines, containers, and serverless platforms. Read these tips for deciding which technology to use.

Find Your Bearings: The Pros and Cons of Kubernetes on Bare Metal

6. How To Learn Linux: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

This guide covers essential Linux concepts, fundamentals commands, and ways to become proficient. Additionally, our guide provides resources for further exploration of Linux. 

Ubuntu for Beginners: Getting Started With Ubuntu

7. How To Copy Directories in Linux

In this how-to article, we look at Linux file systems and demonstrate three common methods for copying directories. We also examine additional commands to help in the copying process. 

Command Central:PowerShell Remoting Techniques for Server Management

8. How To Create a Linux Virtual Machine in Hyper-V

Watch this video tutorial to see how you can use Hyper-V Manager to set up Linux virtual machines. The tutorial covers both the standard processes and a shortcut using the Quick Create option.

Out With the Old: How To Upgrade Aging Network Infrastructure With Ease

9. The Best Linux File Managers for Managing Your Files

This detailed look at Linux file managers offers tips on what to consider when choosing one. The article lists the top five Linux managers and highlights each of their notable features.

Plug and Play: How To the Import PowerShell Active Directory Module

10. How To Check Linux Disk Space Usage: Classic SysAdmin Tips and Commands

In this step-by-step guide, contributor Grant Knoetze explains multiple methods for checking disk space using Linux tools and commands. Each approach is detailed to provide a clear understanding of how to perform disk space checks.

Know Your Limits: How To Make the Most of Kubernetes Resource Limits

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