Juliet Okafor Highlights Ways to Maintain Cyber Resiliency

The path towards business resiliency is clearer if you can see what lies ahead.

Brandon Taylor

May 23, 2024

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This article originally appeared on InformationWeek.

How can enterprises make sure that they reduce the impact of a cyberattack, or any other harm that would take down systems that enable business operations? What are the roles of security and IT stakeholders in making sure that active responses are helpful?

Though some familiar resilience challenges linger from year to year, others are brand new, but your company needs to be able to resist and recover from them all. While business resiliency has never been an easy exercise, at least the path forward is clearer if you can see what lies ahead.

In this archived keynote session, Juliet Okafor, CEO and founder of Revolution Cyber, highlights the biggest obstacles you’ll face this year and methods to overcome them. This segment was part of our live virtual event titled, “Cyber Resilience in 2024: Availability is Your Best Ability.” The event was presented by InformationWeek and ITPro Today on May 2, 2024.

A transcript of the video follows below. Minor edits have been made for clarity.

Juliet Okafor: Ultimately, with the way cybersecurity is set up today, you must spend an infinite amount of money to feel secure, and a lot of it is security theater. While I agree that there are several tools and technologies that work well, unfortunately, these tools and technologies are being built in silos.

One company has a problem that they think that they have the big answer to, and they go out to market and put it in environments. Another company has a small improvement over the last company, and they also go out to market and put it in environments, which then becomes a cobbling of different technology integrations.

You could spend years taking something out of the box and putting it in the system. We often find that there isn't a lack of willingness from CISOs, security leaders, or IT leaders to do the work required by security, but the challenges are often at multiple levels.

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