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It’s payback time: If the Vista team could write ad copy …

Mary Jo Foley made me laugh out loud with this one. It's just good stuff, and well deserved.

Apple advocates are doing the unthinkable: They’re complaining publicly about a new Apple product release.

It’s payback time: If the Vista team could write ad copy …Even typically staunch Mac backers are admitting that Apple’s new Leopard operating system is not perfect. It might even be as problem-prone (if not more so) as Windows Vista. Could Leopard go so far as to drive some switchers into Vista’s arms? Sounds crazy, but who knows...

If you’re Microsoft — especially a member of the Vista team — there’s no way you can help but gloat. Very few Softies or their loyal followers are gloating publicly. But there’s no way they aren’t enjoying this turning of the tables.

If Microsoft would and could create a new Vista vs. Leopard campaign, which route should it take?

  • Leopard: 300 New Features, 300 New Bugs
  • SIOOMA*, Mac zealots. Namaste. Peace out.
  • Broadscale Beta Tests are for Sissies, Huh?
  • Leopard vs. Vista: May the most hated operating system win
  • Friends don’t let friends buy Leopard (without an SP1)

This one's so funny, I'm making a promo graphic. :)

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