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CES 2024's Most Intriguing Gadgets: eVTOLs, AI Home Agents, Smartwatches, and More

With more than 4,000 exhibitors at CES 2024, there was a dizzying array of tech gadgets on display. Here are nine of the most interesting gadgets showcased.

The machines are taking over. CES 2024 was an absolute whirlwind of AI everywhere you looked — from AI bird feeders to snore-tracking pillows to rolling (or walking) home assistants/pet minders/babysitters/security guards.

Alongside showstoppers from the traditional consumer electronics powerhouses — LG's transparent OLED television and Samsung's transparent MicroLED screen wowed with their sleek, see-through designs — smart devices like the Rabbit R1 AI handheld, which leverages machine learning to help users seamlessly automate tasks, garnered their fair share of coverage.

Amid the AI avalanche, CES showcased a dizzying array of gadgets: AI-powered grills, body cameras, cat doors, race cars and go-carts, glucose prediction devices, and more.

The show, which took place in Las Vegas this week, struggled to reclaim its former glory, but with 130,000 attendees and 4,000 exhibitors, it remained a bustling hub.

As usual, Microsoft and Apple stayed mum (even with Apple's Vision Pro headset debuting soon), but CES 2024 still unveiled numerous splashy innovations, indicating the creative minds in tech are in no danger of running out clever, kooky, attention-grabbing tech ideas.

What with hundreds — maybe thousands — of tech items on display at CES 2024, we've sifted through the showcase designs to pick out some of the standouts — from wrist-wrapping wearables to sky-bound electric vehicles, along with some of the best smart home tech and foldable flat-screen accessories.

Those that are readily available come with prices noted, so you can judge for yourself whether they're worth the splurge, while some of the gadgets yet to come to market give you time to stock up on savings, or else they at least offer a glimpse of trends that could take hold for CES 2025 and beyond.

Here are some of the stars of CES 2024 — objects that bring the future to life, ready to be touched, held, ridden, or worn.

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