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How IT Is Impacted By the Internet of Things Thinkstock Photos

How IT Is Impacted By the Internet of Things

IT professionals have a vital role to play in helping to sculpt the economy of the 21st century and the Internet of Things can serve as a powerful tool in that quest. While such ideas may still seem abstract, the Internet of Things, an era of pervasive computing, offers tremendous potential for the IT professionals who are prepared to step up and help guide IoT deployments. Because IoT technology blurs the boundaries of the physical and digital worlds through the use of sensors, networking and embedded technology, it can be difficult to distinguish the hype surrounding IoT with reality.

Yet the technology is already making good on its promises to drive greater automation and more intelligent decision-making in a number of industries. Practically any organization could benefit from a savvy-IoT deployment.

But for IoT technology to live up to its potential in enterprise settings and beyond can be challenging and requires IT oversight to map out a plan for execution, security, management/troubleshooting and scaling the potentially massive IoT deployments.

This collection of articles provides guidance on what is needed to help drive successful IoT projects.This package offers further examples of the promises and pitfalls of IoT technology, blending top- line strategy considerations with tactical implementation advice.

In addition, the series touches on the unique security and data governance questions IoT can raise, as well as the IT-based skills to help drive IoT projects forward.The article collection touches on the considerations needed to help safeguard IoT deployments from hackers while also highlighting the types of skills needed to launch and sustain successful IoT projects.