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Attack of the Microsoft iOS Apps, Part Deux: Kinectimals

A year ago, a trusted source at Microsoft told me to expect a "flood" of iOS apps from the software giant in 2011. That deluge never materialized ... until now. In the past weeks, Microsoft has released an amazing array of iOS apps, including SkyDrive, OneNote for iPad, Halo Waypoint, and My Xbox LIVE, in addition to previous releases like Bing, Photosynth, and OneNote for iPhone. And now comes the most important Microsoft app for iOS yet.

I'm referring of course to Kinectimals.


OK, I jest. But Microsoft really has released Kinectimals for both the iPhone and iPad, in a single Universal app version, following a release last month on Windows Phone. The game, which debuted on Xbox 360 with Kinect last year, is basically a modern version of that Tamagotchi silliness from the 1990s, minus the lessons in responsibility. It lets you play with, care for, and, yes, fall in love with, a big cat cub of your own.

My daughter loves this game. Of course, she's 11, so that makes sense.

OK, Microsoft. We get it. You're embracing iOS. Now give us Office for crying out loud. :)

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