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The Archive Migration Approach that Makes Sense for Enterprise Customers and Solution Providers

Enterprise organizations are driving the demand for more robust, intelligent archiving solutions that are flexible and keep critical data accessible.

Enterprise customers turn to a solution provider they can trust when it comes to assessing and providing the technology they require to drive their own businesses. They don’t just hire solution providers simply to make a single software subscription purchase. They partner with them for their expertise to make strategic technology recommendations. During the past decade, one of the most popular technology recommendations has been the migration to a number of archive migration platforms, as well as the growing shift to Microsoft Office 365. This has made financial sense for many enterprise companies that have seen the great need for a cloud-based email system for ease of access and expansion on demand. 

This adoption has also resulted in the almost immediate requirement for email migration to the cloud along with existing enterprise archives, as well as a more in-depth look at a company’s entire legacy data strategy.

Enterprise organizations are driving the demand for more robust, intelligent archiving solutions that are flexible and keep critical data accessible. As my colleague and migration guru Perry Hiltz points out in his article on Email Migrations to the Cloud and Enterprise Archives, “Organizations that employ enterprise archiving solutions do so for compliance, regulatory, and/or legal reasons. It would make sense that, should there be a need to store that data, these same organizations would contemplate moving that legacy data, as well.”

This is critical. Data isn’t just data, and numerous forms equate to different compliance and retention parameters. Our litigious society now dictates that data is often the most important asset an enterprise company owns. Not knowing how that data has been archived or how it will be sorted and recovered following a future technology refresh, data breach, compliance audit or a company merger is unacceptable.

After two decades marketing, selling and creating channel ecosystems to support the use of many of today’s leading mail migration tools, I was astonished when my path crossed with Trusted Data Solutions (TDS).  I spent over 20 years crossing the pond to work for software giants before meeting this tightly knit group of legacy data experts headquartered just an hour away from my home. 

Expert legacy data management and its migration has enabled TDS to serve the who’s who of finance, technology and many other industry heavyweights when they require a trusted solution and partner for their e-discovery, tape and voice restoration, and legacy archive migration needs. In fact, we are the only company that can assure customers we have a technology and service at the ready for an end-to-end migration from any current system to any destination system, no matter the complexity.

That means no matter how enterprise data has been archived currently and where it will be migrated to in the future, we have a data migration solution and partner ecosystem that can get data from point A to point B with trust. Additionally, within our tape practice, and due to our legacy data roots, we can also help them with storing and cataloging, as well as performing on-demand restorations when needed. Via our Restoration Assurance Program (RAP), we save clients time and money for recovering critical data when and where it is needed. And now, solution providers that only had a single revenue funnel in archive migration can offer this as a service within their own portfolios through our TrustedPartner Program.

We work with our partner community to deliver multiple technology and services options that complement and boost their current offerings portfolio. The experts who provide technology solutions and key vertical understanding to their enterprise customers can extend their entire legacy data practice. This is a massive win for solution providers who are looking for added revenue streams as well as their customers who value their data. Our No. 1 goal in rolling out our new TrustedPartner Program is to recruit and support solution providers who are seeking to add innovative new solutions and services to their existing technology portfolio via proven, adaptable solutions they can depend on. We leave partners to promote their wares. We step in when they need us, and in most cases are content to provide technology and strategies in the background.

At a technology conference I recently attended, a co-worker asked, “What is your No. 1 goal in delivering such an expansive partner program?” I looked over my shoulder and pointed to the large systems integrator that had a line of people queuing up at its booth and said, “My goal is to deliver a partnership experience that enables large SIs like them to see the value in working with us. I want them to see an immediate increase in revenues via our technically advanced and competitive solutions. I want to take data from scary to sexy.”

As the Global Vice President of Marketing and Channel Operations at Trusted Data Solution, Marcella P. Arthur is responsible for working with the executive team to deliver a revenue-focused marketing and brand strategy, as well as a go-to-market that ensures the channel program, processes and partners are aligned around the business goals. After almost two decades as a sales and marketing strategist and IT visionary, Arthur, who is commonly referred to as The Change Merchant Marketeer, has helped several companies ratify their processes, implement proven and tested methodologies, as well as programs to improve brand reputation and sales revenue.


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