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The Imaging Source Releases TX Text Control 15.1

Component vendor The Imaging Source released TX Text Control 15.1, the latest update to its TX Text Control word processing component family. Among the highlights of the new release are that, for the VS2008/VS2005 components, all colors that TX Text Control uses for the display elements can now be changed. Version 15.1 also includes fully featured built-in drag-and-drop support, and the insertion mode and positioning of inserted images and text frames can now be changed programmatically.

Additionally, a new Image constructor accepts a System.Drawing.Image object that's used to initialize the TXTextcontrol.Image object, which allows developers to insert images from memory. Image-rendering quality and display performance have been significantly improved. Image formats are automatically maintained or can be adjusted programmatically using the SaveSettings class. Finally, the ZoomFactor of a TextControl is no longer limited to 400 percent, and mouse wheel functionality has been extended to scroll the visual part of the document horizontally and zoom the document.

You can find an overview of the new features in TX Text Control 15.1 at Pricing starts at $549 for TX Text Control .NET Standard ($299 for an upgrade) through $2998 for TX Text Control .NET Server ($1498 for an upgrade). All versions ship with unlimited free developer support. You can download an evaluation version of TX Text Control 15.1 at

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