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Infographic: Benefits and Advantages of IaaS

Infographic: Benefits and Advantages of IaaS

Many companies are investing time to understand how Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) fits within both their technology direction and their budgets. A few colleagues and I were recently discussing putting together a comprehensive list of current IaaS providers that includes pricing, features, SLAs, etc., so when this Infographic hit my Inbox today, I was immediately attracted.

There's a lot to consider when focused on pioneering into the Cloud as a means to improve security, compatibility, and better managed services. But, first, I think it's important to understand exactly what companies are looking for in an IaaS solution and what they are really looking to do by investing that time into the research. This Infographic from Bluelock sheds some light on the aspects of an IaaS Cloud that companies find most important.

In January 2013, cloud services provider Bluelock set out to better understand the consumers' needs and desires for an infrastructure-as-a-service offering. More than 325 individuals took an 11-question survey over a period of three months. Individuals represented companies of all sizes, industries and job titles. Despite their demographic differences, the consumers were united in many of their value rankings, sentiments and use-cases. The results draw a strong picture of what matters most to the IaaS consumer now, and what they expect to care about in the future.


Cloud Services from Bluelock
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