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HyperVoria launches

Steven Bink has launched his new Web site, HyperVoria:

Welcome to HyperVoria! This is a new website with forums dedicated to Microsoft Hyper-V Technologies. We collect news, tips, guides about Hyper-V and publish parts with links on the main page.

The Hyper-V Forums will be the meeting point discussing Hyper-V on the Internet,

So if you are planning, piloting or deploying Hyper-V please join now and subscribe to the RSS feed!

Think you are an Hyper-V expert already? Great! please join and ask to become news-poster and or forum moderator. Contact me bink at bink,nu

I have collected over 60 news-items ready to be published. Obviously Hyper-V has been a lot in the news because of its release. So, to not overwhelm you with articles, I will release 10 news-articles a day, along with the daily stuff I find.

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