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Hotmail: Tools for the New Busy

Microsoft has been quietly changing how it markets its Hotmail web email service lately, and has begun using the tagline "Tools for the New Busy," which I find interesting. An email I received today notes:

You're not the too busy, the so busy, or the "I can't, I'm busy." You're the New Busy. And you pack your Hotmail calendar and inbox with the things that inspire you -- because you know that a full day equals a full life.

And now your Hotmail account can help you live your New Busy life even bigger -- and better. With features like a streamlined, spam-free inbox to handle your many email accounts, and a one-stop calendar that brings your different schedules together. Hotmail gives you its most effortless email experience yet.

After all, living a compelling life doesn't have to be complicated. It just has to be organized.

With Hotmail, the New Busy are changing the definition of "busy."

So this suggests that we've gotten a new version of Hotmail, which we haven't (yet, at least). And it neatly ignores some real-life problems with, say, Windows Live Calendar ("Hotmail's calendar") which can't, yet at least, even sync to Windows Mobile phones let alone other sources. So... perhaps this is the step in a new marketing campaign that will include a new Hotmail version that addresses today's issues. Based on this, it will be simpler and more organized.

When you click on the link in the email, you're brought to a Hotmail. Tools for The New Busy web site. It's a pretty busy site, but if you dig in, you'll get some useful information. Such as ...

- How Hotmail's anti-spam features work.

- How Outlook Connector allows you to use Hotmail with Outlook.

- How to manage multiple calendars in Windows Live Hotmail.

- How to manage multiple email accounts with Hotmail. (Left unsaid: You can't do this with multiple Hotmail accounts.)

- How to search the web from the Hotmail new message page.

- How to access your Hotmail email and contacts from a smart phone. (Left unsaid: No calendar access is available right now.)

- How to chat over the Messenger service from Hotmail's Web IM feature.

None of these are new features, of course. Just the messaging. But I think it's interesting that this push is occurring now. Clearly, something is afoot.

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