A Guide to Edge Storage in the Enterprise

Edge computing continues to grow by leaps and bounds, creating a wealth of new opportunities — and storage challenges. This report details the evolving state of edge computing, explains how to successfully manage storage at the edge, and lists the top edge storage solutions.

Karen D. Schwartz, Contributor

June 9, 2021

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Edge computing, in which data is collected and processed by devices or local computing resources close to where the data is being generated, is growing by leaps and bounds. There are plenty of good reasons why: Internet of Things (IoT) technology has matured and organizations are becoming increasingly comfortable with it, there is greater demand for fast processing and analysis at the point of data collection, and edge computing reduces network traffic.

While the benefits of edge computing are clear, the trend also creates storage challenges. One of the biggest is the sheer amount of data being generated at the edge. Another is that edge devices often have limited network connectivity, and data centers and clouds are typically far from where data is being collected. This often means that getting data to a centralized storage repository in the cloud or data center can be painfully slow. In many cases, that type of latency is unacceptable.

That's where the concept of edge storage comes in. This report on edge storage in the enterprise explains how to successfully manage storage at the edge to help reduce latency and improve performance. Read on to learn about the most promising edge storage solutions and approaches available today – and how to best take advantage of them.


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