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Today unveiled its Hi-Def 101 Customer Knowledge Center, a site that helps customers navigate the mountains of information available about the HD home entertainment marketplace. As a one-stop education and shopping destination, Amazon High-Def 101 allows visitors to explore a comprehensive line-up of HD categories including HDTVs, movie players, game systems, PC options, accessories and movies, while getting the facts on how to “high-def” their homes. Visitors also have access to other HD product offerings and new content, including educational videos and weekly blog posts highlighting the latest trends.

Amazon Hi-Def 101 aims to provide the less technically inclined with a comprehensive destination where they can get all the information they need to know about HD home entertainment.

Looks good! Video is a mess these days and the transition from standard definition, not to mention to the digital formats of the future, is going to a long and ugly process. 

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