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JNBridge Releases Lab for Using Hadoop with Mappers and Reducers

JNBridge has released a JNBridge Lab that demonstrates how to build and use .NET-based mappers and reducers with Apache Hadoop. The lab utilizes the company's flagship product, JNBridgePro, and provides users with a fast way to create heterogeneous Hadoop applications. In addition, the lab shows developers how they can write .NET-based Hadoop mapreducers against the Java-based Hadoop API. According to JNBridge, the resulting .NET code can run inside the Hadoop process, which reduces development time and performance costs.

"We expect developers who want to implement or use Hadoop mapreducers written in C# or other .NET languages will find this much easier than other alternatives," said Wayne Citrin, chief technology officer at JNBridge. "The beauty of this lab is that the hardest part was getting educated on Hadoop. JNBridgePro is versatile enough that once we understood the problem, a straightforward and elegant solution pretty much fell into place."

JNBridge Labs is a series of newly-developed interoperability kits that are designed to help developers address new ways of connecting technologies on the ground and in the cloud. The labs are available for free and provide users with pointers to documentation and links to source code. Visit JNBridge's blog to learn about new labs, or visit the company's website to learn more about JNBridgePro.

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