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Gurock Software Releases Test-Management Tool Upgrade, TestRail 2.3

Gurock Software, a provider of tools for software development teams and QA departments, released TestRail 2.3, the latest version of Gurock's web-based test management software. Highlights of the new release are scalability and performance improvements for large teams and new optimized views for test suites and test runs.

TestRail 2.3 includes more than 60 changes, improvements, and bug fixes. Performance and scalability improvements introduced in the new release include database optimizations, algorithm changes, and user interface improvements, especially geared toward improving TestRail's performance for large enterprise teams.

The release comes with alternative views for the test suite and run pages that make it easier to work with larger numbers of test cases. Another new feature is an optimized UI with a new section tree, which simplifies navigating and organizing test suites and rearranging test cases and sections via drag and drop. Additionally, TestRail 2.3 features an improved Todo page to work with assigned tests, which makes it easier to work with many test assignments. It's now also easier to work with multiple test runs, milestones, and test plans simultaneously.

TestRail 2.3 now supports Internet Explorer 9 and also comes with a new defect plug-in for Axosoft OnTime to directly push and look up issues and bug reports. Other improvements include optimized Excel exports, easier attachment backups, and a new way to customize the subjects of email notifications.

TestRail is installed directly on a customer's server or can be hosted online. The software is priced at $239 per user, with additional discounts available for multiuser packs. You can download a free fully functional trial of TestRail (either hosted or downloaded) or take a product tour can be found on Gurock's website.

Gurock Software TestRail 2.3

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