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GrapeCity Releases ActiveReports Server Web Reporting Solution

GrapeCity, a software development tools and services provider, released ActiveReports Server , a web-based ad hoc self-service reporting solution for business users. ActiveReports Server, the latest addition to GrapeCity's line of reporting solutions, offers a reporting alternative that allows developers and IT admins to add reporting capabilities to applications or deploy them to end users with minimal use of resources.

ActiveReports Server features an intuitive user interface and ad hoc report designer that lets users work with familiar business views of data to be included in reports. Users can design reports through a word processor–like interface, which provides many report-formatting choices (e.g., fonts, text size, style, image resizing, various types of charts). Users can save reports in any of multiple formats (Microsoft Excel, HTML, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or image).


GrapeCity ActiveReports Server

For .NET and ASP.NET developers, ActiveReports Server provides these features:

  • out-of-the-box ad hoc report capabilities that require minimal programming
  • server-side storage that renders and distributes ActiveReports XML report files
  • server-based perpetual licensing, which  eliminates the need for end user fees
  • web services and ASP.NET components that provide programmatic integration

ActiveReports Server is licensed per server (perpetual license) with no per-user fees and no runtime royalties. The product includes an SDK that developers can use to add ActiveReports Server features to their applications. Additionally, because the product is significantly differentiated from GrapeCity's other ActiveReports .NET-based reporting solutions, there is no direct upgrade path from these products to ActiveReportsServer.

Pricing for ActiveReports Server starts at $5,000 for a Small Business Edition license, and other licenses (Enterprise Edition, Software Companies & SaaS Edition, Managed Agent) are available. You can also download a free trial version of ActiveReports Server .


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