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Gorilla Logic Releases New Version of Free iOS Testing Tool, FoneMonkey 5

Gorilla Logic, a provider of application development services and open source test tools for mobile and rich Internet applications, released FoneMonkey 5, the latest version of its open source functional testing tool for for iPhone and iPad applications. New features included in FoneMonkey 5 are geared toward improving the testing and QA process for mobile iOS apps. The new feature highlights include these:

  • Script recording and playback improvements: more comprehensive recording and playback for user interactions, including taps, keyboard input, dragging, and scrolling for all Cocoa Touch components.
  • Code-generation options: FoneMonkey can now generate ready-to-run test scripts in Objective-C that can be run under OCUnit, or JavaScript that can be run with Apple's UI Automation tools.
  • FoneMonkey 5 is optimized for both iPhone and iPad platforms and user interfaces and now works on both simulators and real devices.
  • Test playbacks can be completely automated.

You can learn more about FoneMonkey 5 and download a free copy of FoneMonkey here.

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