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Good January for Sony's games business

Well. :) This nicely explains Microsoft's warning last week about Xbox 360 shortages:

January was a good month for Sony's video game business. For the first time, its PlayStation 3 outsold its own PS2 as well as Microsoft's Xbox 360.

According to industry tracker NPD, Nintendo's Wii was still king in January, though, with 274,000 units sold in the United States, followed by PS3 at 269,000 and Xbox 360 with 230,000.

Overall, according to NPD, video game sales including hardware, software and accessories in January reached $1.18 billion, a drop of 6% compared with the same month last year.

Most of the shortfall came from the hardware side, and NPD analysts theorized that an inventory shortage was to blame, given the massive number of consoles sold in December.

Interesting. So this begs the question: Were January's results an abberation or the start of a trend? My guess is on the former.

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