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Gizmox Offers Visual WebGui Instant CloudMove Code-Porting Solution for Azure

Gizmox, developer of the Visual WebGui application delivery platform for web, cloud, and mobile, announced that its Visual WebGui Instant CloudMove solution will now be available through the Windows Azure Marketplace.

Visual WebGui Instant CloudMove enables application code that runs locally as a client/server application to be automatically transformed into an application that runs natively on Windows Azure as a rich web application, using a virtualization layer atop a Microsoft ASP.NET-based web server. The transformed application can then be accessed in a secure-by-design mode from any plain browser, including cross-mobile and tablet devices and OSs.

Instant CloudMove supports the transformation of code from various platforms, among them .NET (Visual Basic.NET and C#), Visual Basic 6, Oracle Forms, Power Builder, COBOL, Magic, and others, into rich web or mobile secured-by-design browser-based applications that run natively on Azure. This means that the application runs as native web or cloud while maintaining its pure .NET code and that the entire process can be done without disrupting the use of the application on the original platform.

"Microsoft is excited to feature Gizmox’s Visual WebGui Instant CloudMove in the Windows Azure Marketplace," said Aashish Dhamdhere, senior product marketing manager for Windows Azure at Microsoft. "Through VWG, customers can easily migrate applications to Windows Azure with minimal cost and disruption."

Gizmox offers a free tool that you can use to run a free assessment readiness test (currently for .NET applications only), which analyzes your code for web and cloud readiness. The tool also includes a calculator for the expected Windows Azure resource consumption for each specific application.

You can see a webcast demonstration of Instant CloudMove, jointly presented by Gizmox and the Windows Azure team. Visual WebGui Instant CloudMove is available from the Windows Azure Marketplace.

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