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Gizmox Announces Preview Version of Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile

Gizmox has announced the availability of the preview version of its Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile, which provides .NET developers with the ability to build secure HTML5 applications for cross-platform mobile devices. In addition, the solution provides cross-platform HTML5 support for two-thirds of the smartphone market, which includes support for Android and iOS devices.

According to Navot Peled, chief executive officer of Gizmox, in order to make applications that are built with Microsoft-based code available on HTML5 compliant devices, developers must have additional knowledge of different languages and the ability to develop enterprise and mobile applications separately. With Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile, .NET developers can build cross-platform HTML5 mobile apps by leveraging existing development skills.

Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile also supports the growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend in the enterprise. The solution runs on the server to reduce the amount of resources that are required on the client side, which enables applications to run efficiently and securely. In addition, Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile provides security because the entire application's logic and data are located behind the firewall and are never found on the client side. To download Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile, visit the Visual WebGui website.

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