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Get the Zune preloads back

Christian P. sent an email over the weekend describing a Microsoft KB resource that lets you re-download the Zune preloaded content if you’ve lost or deleted it:

Availability of the preloaded content for Zune devices

This article describes the availability of content that is preloaded on some Zune devices.

If your Zune device came with preloaded content and you accidentally deleted the preloaded content, you can download it. To do this, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

After you download the file, open the compressed (.zip) file, and then copy the contents of the .zip file into your Zune collection. Then, connect your Zune device to synchronize the content that you want.

Applies to:

Zune Digital Media Player
Zune 4GB Digital Media Player
Zune 8GB Digital Media Player
Zune 16GB Digital Music Player
Zune 30GB Digital Media Player
Zune 80GB Digital Media Player
Zune 120GB Digital Media Player

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