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Fun with Headlines: Back from France Edition

I go away for a few days and these guys get delusions of grandeur.

MacBook Air - Will all the cool evaporate when someone asks you to read/rip/burn a disc?
No, it evaporates when you actually look at the thing's specs.

Windows 7 debut in 2009? Another reason to skip Vista
Right, because other technology never improves. You should wait for Mac OS 11 too.

AMD: Is the worst over?
Maybe AMD should just admit that it's all over.

AMD Mum on 2008 Product Roadmap
Not sure they'll actually make any.

Why does the MacBook Air make so many so dumb?
Why does being an Apple sycophant make you so dumb?

HBO Tests New Online-Video Service
Let me guess: You have to be a subscriber. Oh wait, it's true.

Microsoft Allows All Vista SKUs to Be Virtualized
Microsoft: But seriously, we're very pleased with how well Vista has sold so far.

Microsoft: No File Format or Standard Is Perfect
Some are just less perfect than others.

Apple growth will draw malware attacks
Sure. And 2008 will be the year of desktop Linux.

Apple is reportedly developing extensive software update for Mac OS X 10.5
But Walter Mossberg told us that Leopard was already perfect.

AT&T Makes The Enterprise iPhone Official
You can make all the plans you want, but it's not "official" until the iPhone supports Exhange.

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