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Free Software Developer Tool: Telerik Makes OpenAccess ORM Tool Free of Charge

Free Software Developer Tool: Telerik Makes OpenAccess ORM Tool Free of Charge

openaccess_orm_create_model_wizard-sm Telerik  announced that it is now offering OpenAccess ORM, its object-relational mapping (ORM) tool, free of charge for all 12 database platforms it supports, among them SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and IBM DB2.

OpenAccess ORM lets you map the objects in an object-oriented domain model to your relational database tables, views, and/or stored procedures, and vice versa. OpenAccess ORM does the mapping within Visual Studio independently of the source code and database and generates the data-access code for an application. OpenAccess ORM operates as a data store-agnostic virtual layer that can be used from within the programming language to access and manipulate data.

Telerik stated it will continue to enhance OpenAccess ORM with regular releases and will continue to use OpenAccess ORM in all products across Telerik's portfolio, such as Sitefinity, TeamPulse, and Telerik Reporting. Additionaly, Telerik will continue to include OpenAccess ORM in its Premium and Ultimate Collection bundles, which include paid priority support.

You can find out more about OpenAccess ORM or download the free product on Telerik's OpenAccess ORM page; also see "Telerik Offers Q2 2011 Milestone Release, with Focus on XAML, HTML5, and Data Access."

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