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The five pillars of Windows 7 (Part 1: Specialized for Laptops)

Bryant over at AeroExperience snags a nice exclusive about the next version of Windows. Here's the first in a planned five part series:

Over the next five days, I’m going to present the separate pillars upon which the Windows 7 experience (and indeed, Windows 7 as a whole) will be built. What you'll see are the five pillars of Windows 7 and the specific scenarios which the Windows team plans to enhance. Wherever possible, I'll enhance the scenario depictions with visual aids (read: screenshots). The first pillar is...

Specialized for Laptops: To put it simply, Microsoft is looking to simplify the experience the average user has with Windows Vista on a laptop. Vista came with a number of improvements over XP for laptops (most notably wireless connections) and a number of flaws (battery life). Is it a surprise that they’d task themselves with improving some of these usage scenarios even more?

There's a lot more in the original post. Check it out.

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