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First look at the Live Mesh client on Mac OS X

jkOnTheRun offers up a first look at the Live Mesh client for Mac OS X:

This app is still in a pre-beta state, so there's bound to be changes, but from what I've seen, most of the functions are there and working. With the client on my Intel-based MacBook Pro running OS X 10.5.4, I was able to add my Mac as a device to my Mesh and all of my files and folders within my Mesh are in sync. Files and folders on my Vista-based UMPC are appearing on my Mac and vice versa.

For the moment, the largest bit of functionality I don't see working in the Mac version is the Remote Desktop function.

So what is there and working? I have my Live Desktop, News, files, folders, etc... the Mac version inserts itself in the Menu bar, where you can navigate to files and folders as needed. Here, you can see the three folders I have in my Live Mesh. Obviously, clicking the New Folder option creates a new folder in the Mesh, while clicking Add Existing Folder lets you browse and choose a folder that's on the local machine.

All in all, this client is looking to be similar (if not nearly identical) to the Windows client. And that makes sense.

Right. This looks exactly as we'd expect. Which is great. Can't wait to see it in action live.

Thanks to Mitchel for the tip.

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