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Firefox vs. Windows Vista, Part 4: The Quickening

Hello, my name is Paul. I've been using Firefox 3 crash-free for exactly one week now. Sadly, my machine has succumbed to other addictions, er ah, software fatalities due to applications like Internet Explorer, Outlook, and Photoshop Elements, so my Vista Reliability Index has stalled a bit over the time period. You know, like Microsoft's stock price.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that Firefox 3 is running stably and without issue. Key to this turnaround was the support of extensions I can trust (like Glasser, Personal Menu, and Stylish) and my ignoring the calls of extensions I can't trust, like Hide Menubar. Thanks, too, to Mike at Mozilla. Your help has been much appreciated.

Not sure why, but now I need a drink.

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