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New & Improved - 28 Jun 2007

Networking Infrastructure
Increase Server Utilization

Alacritech's Scalable Network Accelerators (SNAs) and iSCSI Scalable Network Accelerators (iSNAs) offload TCP processing from Windows Server 2003 and Windows Storage Server 2003, letting those systems use their resources for application rather than network processing. Alacritech's accelerators allow network servers to support more users and storage and improve application performance. The new SNA and iSNA products support Microsoft TCP Chimney Offload technology, which helps optimize server performance. TCP Chimney Offload is part of the Windows Server 2003 Scalable Networking Pack.

Alacritech has introduced six SNA products—three for the workstation market (the SEN1500 series) and three for the volume server segment (the SEN1800 series)—plus three new iSNA products (the SES1800 series). You can evaluate Alacritech's products by visiting the Alacritech Product Evaluation eStore at For more information, contact Alacritech at 408-287-9997 or 877-338-7542 or visit Alacritech's Web site at

Protect Your Systems Against Spyware

Sunbelt Software's updated CounterSpy Enterprise 2.0 features a hybrid antispyware scanning and removal engine that combines traditional spyware protection and antivirus functionality. New scan and remove-on-boot technology detects and removes deeply embedded malware, and kernel-level active protection provides real-time signature-, behavioral-, and heuristic-based threat blocking and lets you prompt users to take action if suspicious behavior is detected. Other improvements include agent-scanning technology and automatic deployment functionality. A free trial version of CounterSpy Enterprise is available for download at For more information, contact Sunbelt Software at 727-562-0101 or 888-688-8457.

Multifactor Authentication for Your Network

BioPassword announced BioPassword Enterprise Edition 3.0, a multifactor authentication solution for Active Directory (AD) and Citrix environments that uses biometric technology to authenticate users, not devices. The new version adds a layer of knowledge-based authentication to increase authentication accuracy and supports Windows XP Embedded thin clients and Outlook Web Access (OWA). BioPassword integrates with AD environments without requiring additional hardware or software. For more information, contact BioPassword at 425-649-1100 or go to

Back Up Data from VMware VMs

The STORServer VCB Appliance uses VMware Consolidated Backup to centralize the backup of VMware ESX servers on the appliance, eliminating the need to have backup agents on each virtual or host machine. VMware Consolidated Backup creates a backup schedule for each virtual machine (VM). The appliance takes a snapshot of the VM according to the schedule, mounts the snapshot, then performs a full or incremental backup. Pricing starts at $20,000. Contact STORServer at 719-266-8777 or 888-786-7765 or visit

Protect and Quickly Recover Exchange Server Data

Lucid8 released DigiVault 1.6, an Exchange Server continuous data protection (CDP) solution that features SingleTouch, a mechanism for rapid recovery of an Exchange database. DigiVault 1.6 speeds backups by a factor of 10 compared with earlier versions, and a new wizard-driven procedure makes setup easier. DigiVault 1.6 supports Exchange 2007, Recovery Storage Groups, and Windows Server 2003 x64. Pricing starts at $695 for 25 mailboxes. For more information, contact Lucid8 at 425-451-2595 or go to

Log Management
Search and Alert on Logs from Any Source

LogLogic's open log management and intelligence platform, LogLogic 4.0, now uses a service-oriented architecture and open API to let users create their own portals for compliance, risk mitigation, and forensics. The integrated Log Data Warehouse helps eliminate log silos by collecting and storing logs just once while allowing them to be shared many times. A Google-like multidimensional search on data helps accelerate IT forensics and improve compliance insight, and the Universal Log Processing feature extends reporting, search, and alerting capability to logs from any source—including homegrown and business applications— without requiring custom development. Contact LogLogic at 408-215-5900 or 888-347-3883 or go to

Monitoring and Alerting
Monitor Server Environment Reliability and Performance

Neverfail Group announced an update to its Server Check Optimization Performance Evaluation (SCOPE) tool, which continuously collects and analyzes data about your infrastructure's hardware and software configurations, applications and system logs, and system performance. New features include continuous health checks and system monitoring of the server pair in a high-availability solution. SCOPE is available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. For more information, contact Neverfail Group at 512-327-5777 or go to

Ease Regulatory Compliance

Argent Software has announced updates to several products, including expanded Rule Sets for BlackBerry servers in Argent Guardian and support for all versions of Exchange Server in Argent Exchange Monitor. The company has also increased its network monitoring and compliance capabilities. Argent SNMP Monitor now includes customizable alerts to help you more quickly identify and react to network problems. Argent Data Consolidator, Argent Software's solution for complying with Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations, features Parse Sets to help you convey any type of logical expression. Each of Argent Software's solutions is managed using a centralized console. For more information, contact Argent Software at 212-710-0333 or 860-674-1700 or visit

Centrally Manage Peripheral Ports and Connected External Devices

GuardianEdge Technologies' GuardianEdge Device Control gives you a console for controlling user access to PC ports and the peripherals that are connected to them. With GuardianEdge Device Control, you can create access control policies to restrict the transfer of data between computers and removable storage devices or to block access to removable storage devices altogether. The product provides audit and alert capabilities for device usage across the organization and can produce reports that show audit permissions and the devices that are or were connected to PCs. Contact GuardianEdge at 415-683-2200 or 800-440-0419 or go to

Reap the Benefits of DAS and iSCSI SAN

Zetera has released a line of NBOD ("networked bunch of disks") storage solutions for small-to-midsized businesses. Zetera NBOD combines the benefits of a SAN with the simplicity of DAS, enabling one or more servers to share storage on NBOD devices while requiring only basic networking skills for storage system deployment, configuration, and management. NBOD storage solutions are available in 1U rack-mount ($2,699) and four-bay desktop ($2,199) models. For more information, visit Zetera's Web site at

Add Charts to SharePoint

Dundas Data Visualization announced Dundas Chart for SharePoint, a data visualization and charting component for Microsoft SharePoint technologies. Chart for SharePoint includes Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) support, which lets you add interactive features such as tool tips, drill-down, zoom, and scrolling to charts. In addition to common pie, bar, and column charts, the product supports many advanced charts, such as box, polar, and radar charts. A standard license costs $1,999. For more information, contact Dundas Software at 800-463-1492 or go to

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