Review: Masione USB Wired Gaming Keyboard

Rod Trent

December 6, 2016

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I'm not a massive PC gamer. When I play games I like to step away from the computer and use a console instead. In my mind the PC is a work tool and I have a tough time separating work from play using the same setup. So, when I was asked to test and review the Masione Multi-Color Multimedia USB Wired Gaming Keyboard, I didn't hesitate handing it off to someone else. My kids are all PC gamers, with my sons being big Steam users. But, due to one reason or another, this keyboard actually ended up in the hands of my oldest daughter's boyfriend, Max. He just recently purchased a computer solely for PC gaming and he's been a serious gamer for quite some time.

Here's what Max had to say...


  • Visually Appealing: It has a very slick, professional look to it.

  • Color Change: Able to switch between colors easily and there is wide variety. Was able to get the light from the keyboard to match my Razor Gaming Mouse which made the system as a whole look really impressive.

  • Lock Function: Works well enough if hitting the windows button is an issue someone has.


  • Box advertising: It doesn't pertain to the performance of the keyboard but the arrow keys are placed wrong in the picture on the box. Looks sloppy. Keys were correct on the keyboard though.

  • Loud: The design caused for some very loud typing. Very noticeable when switching between game play (typing a few keys at a time) and sending messages through chat functions.

  • Unimpressive: No real quality of life upgrades to a stock keyboard besides looking cool.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this keyboard unless it was for a shop display. The look is nice for the retail price, but the lack of any quality of life improvements and loud typing made it easy to switch back to a stock keyboard.

I'd say the one saving grace of this keyboard is that it's about $80 cheaper than other keyboards of its type.

Amazon offers the keyboard for around $30: Masione Multi-Color Multimedia USB Wired Gaming Keyboard with LED Illumination Backlit

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