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Zoomtopia 2022 Final Thoughts: Zoom Sets Up Further Growth

Zoom hopes to continue its growth by expanding into more product categories and capitalizing on more cloud migrations to come.

Zoomtopia 2022 is now in the books, and it was nice to see the event run in a hybrid format with an in-person component after two years of being virtual only. Beyond the return of an in-person event, it’s hard to overstate just how much has changed with Zoom since 2019, the date of the last in-person Zoomtopia. The company closed its fiscal 2019 with $540 million in revenue and was a video-only company. Today, its revenue is a shade over $4 billion, and it has expanded its products to include phone, contact center, events, webinars, and more services.

Obviously, massive change isn’t limited to Zoom. The pandemic, hybrid work, social justice, digital transformation, the great resignation, a war, and a possible recession have completely reshaped the business landscape, leaving IT and business leaders scratching their heads as to how to proceed. While the future of work (and the world) has many uncertainties, one thing is known — communication and collaboration tools like Zoom will play a critical role.

Because of this, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this year’s Zoomtopia to see how Zoom is positioning itself, what innovations it’s made and what the future might look like, and here are my top five thoughts.

1. Zoom’s Pace of Innovation is Accelerating

I read Dave Michel’s post where he stated that “not much” innovation was announced at Zoomtopia. That’s completely incorrect. In fact, equity analyst Catherine Trebnick of MKM Partners titled her investor note, “Zoom Investor Day – More Like Product Innovation Day.” The big news was obviously its entry into the email/calendar market, which I’ll discuss in a bit, but in addition to that, the company also announced several new features, including:

  • Live captioning and multi-language support for Zoom Meetings
  • Its eCDN, Zoom Mesh for webinars and virtual events
  • Zoom Spots, which enables better co-working and team building
  • Zoom Contact Center Virtual Agent
  • Zoom Clips, its asynchronous video feature
  • Zoom IQ for sales personalizes speech and provides analytics
  • Enhancements to Zoom Team Chat
  • Intelligent director improves virtual meeting participation
  • Digital experience monitoring with Palo Alto Networks and Zscaler
  • Zoom Avatars and more

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