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What's new in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2?)

A. Exchange 2003 SP2 is available from and offers the following new features:

  • Improvements to mobile clients. New Email, Calendar, Contact and Task notifications are directly pushed via an HTTP connection to devices with improved data compression. New policies exist that, if a mobile device is lost or misplaced, a local wipe will be performed after a defined number of incorrect logon attempts, thus preventing unauthorized users from getting access to private information. You can also initiate a remote wipe when needed, rendering the device "as new" with no data. A video is available at that shows some of the new mobile functionality.
  • Improved spam protection. SP2 includes an updated Intelligent Message Filter (IMF), as well as support for the new Sender ID email authentication protocol.
  • New maximum mailbox store size (up to 75GB)
  • New offline address book format
  • The ability to force remote clients to use cache mode
  • More granular Public Folder replication and permissions management, which includes not allowing a replica of a public folder to be deleted while there is unreplicated data
  • Support for Novell GroupWise 6.x connectors and migration tools
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