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What's Hot: Products from Sonic Mobility, NoSPAMProxy, and Qurb

Readers highlight exceptional products that help them do their job

Windows IT Pro reader T.P. nominated Sonic Mobility's sonicadmin as a hot product. The application is a network and server administration utility that lets you use your handheld device to diagnose and repair server and network problems and perform day-to-day maintenance. T.P. says, "It lets me respond and manage network problems while I'm on the go. If I'm the person on call, I don't have to stay home anymore. The software runs on a Pocket PC, Palm, or BlackBerry wireless device. It has all the server management tools I need to keep things running smoothly while I'm out and about. It even has great Microsoft Exchange Server management features that let me perform full mailbox management and queue management right from my mobile device. I can perform all actions, such as resetting an email password or restarting a server or application, on the fly. This application has saved me tons of time. I now actually have more time for project work instead of running around for support problems all day. I recently went to a 3-day training class and my company didn't even have to hire a contractor to fill in for me. Sonicadmin let me take my network with me in my pocket!"

Sonicadmin is priced according to the number of servers you want to use sonicadmin to manage within your network environment. A server license includes the sonicadmin console, sonicadmin service, the sonicadmin software for your mobile device, and unlimited management of Secure Shell (SSH)/Telnet devices. A 10-server license pack starts at $2000.

Product sonicadmin
Company Sonic Mobility
403-269-2540, 866-602-2002

Another Windows IT Pro reader, D.P., found a free solution that saves bandwidth on his network. D.P. praises NoSPAMProxy, saying "I was having problems with all the recent worms and viruses taking all my available SMTP bandwidth. Evaluating all the existing antispam products on the market didn't provide any solutions for me because they were all mostly content-checkers and didn't save my bandwidth. Then, I found NoSPAMProxy, which rejects spam and saves my bandwidth. NoSPAMProxy is a really great solution!"

NoSPAMProxy works as an SMTP proxy server: External communication terminates at NoSPAMProxy, and a second connection from NoSPAMProxy to your mail server is established in real time. The solution doesn't delay or cache messages. The tool monitors and analyzes all data with various filters. You can request a free NoSPAMProxy license by sending an email message with the number of users, your domain name, and contact information to [email protected]. You'll receive a permanent license code within 7 days.

Product NoSPAMProxy
Company NoSPAMProxy
[email protected]

Qurb's Qurb antispam software works like caller ID for your Inbox. During installation, Qurb scans your contacts and your email folders and creates a list of approved senders. As you work with email, Qurb automatically and continuously updates this list. The software delivers email from approved senders directly to your Inbox and quarantines all other mail. You can manually modify the list of approved senders at any time. The integrated Qurb toolbar includes a Q-envelope icon, which opens the quarantine pane to show you quarantined messages; an Approve option so that you can move selected messages from the quarantine folder to your Inbox; a Block option that moves messages from any folder into quarantine; and a Qurb drop-down menu, which provides access to Qurb options for configuring preferences. A single Qurb license costs $29.95. You can also purchase multiple licenses and receive volume discounts.

Reader D.G. uses Qurb and recommends it as a product that has made his job easier. He says, "I have tried several spam filters because of all the junk that seems to be hitting me at work. I found Qurb, and it's quite the program! Qurb doesn't mark your email as read, as some other spam filters do, and it's very easy to add or remove addresses to or from the approved list. I've been very happy with my email experience since I installed Qurb."

Product Qurb
Company Qurb
[email protected]

Have you used a product that changed your IT experience by saving you time or easing your daily burden? Tell us about the product, and we'll send you a T-shirt if we write about the product in a future Windows IT Pro What's Hot column. Send your product suggestions with information about how the product has helped you to [email protected].

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