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Tips for Working with HotSync

HotSync with the Palm III is quicker if your Inbox is small. Keep current work in your Inbox, and file static messages elsewhere.

By default, Palm III truncates messages (in mail or within other folders) to 4096 characters. However, Microsoft Outlook retains the original long message, so you can ignore the truncation error that Palm III generates when you synchronize files. Be aware, though, that if you edit the truncated message on Palm III, you'll lose the full message when you synchronize back to Outlook. For this reason, you might want to increase the maximum message length. Run the Email application. On the Palm III screen, choose Menu, Options, HotSync Options. Tap Truncate, and select 8000 characters (the maximum). This restriction also applies to attachments. Palm III displays a reference to attachments (like a shortcut), but the full attachment remains available in Outlook. You can synchronize only the top-level Inbox folder. You can't access messages stored in other folders.

Calendar entries with parentheses in the subject generate an error, and Palm III replaces parentheses with square brackets. This error occurs because Palm III uses round brackets to delimit the location field. You can ignore this error.

Remember that when you install HotSync, using your Palm III is equivalent to using your Outlook client. You wouldn't let anyone use your Outlook mailbox, so exercise the same caution with your Palm III. You might consider locking the Palm III by selecting Applications, System, Security and setting a password.

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