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Solving Outlook Voicemail and ViewMail Problems on a Cisco Unity Server

My Cisco Systems Unity 3.1.5 server running Windows 2000 Server and Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server was recently hit with the LoveGate.G virus. I downloaded the fix from Microsoft and repaired the damage, but I continue to have odd problems with my Unity server. When users attempt to play voicemail messages from Microsoft Office Outlook, they're prompted to enter their user credentials, and I'm prompted to enter my credentials when I browse the Unity Server System Administration Web page. I also have a problem with ViewMail for Outlook. When some users click the Play button to play voicemail on their phone, their phone rings, but the screen displays an Unable to complete calls for unknown reason prompt when they answer. Can you help solve these problems?

I've seen the first problem on Unity servers when Distributed COM (DCOM) configuration problems exist. Run Dcomcnfg from the Start menu (Start, Run, Dcomcnfg). If you're warned that certain classes aren't being recorded in the \\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppId registry subkey and asked "Do you wish to record it?" select Yes. When the Dcomcnfg screen opens, select the Default Properties tab, select Enable Distributed COM on this computer, then click Apply. Reboot the server.

The second concern could be caused by problems running ViewMail 4.04 with a Cisco Unity 3.1.5 server. Roll back to ViewMail 4.03b and make sure you list the Unity server's IP address in ViewMail instead of the host name.

TAGS: Windows 7/8
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