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Sending a Copy of a Meeting to a Non-Attendee

How can I send an FYI copy of a meeting to someone who isn't an attendee?

Let's start with what you don't want to do. Do not call up the original meeting, add the person to whom you want to send an informational copy, delete the original attendees, then click Send Update. Even if you don't save the changed item, this action will cancel the meeting for the original attendees.

So far, the best method I've run across for sending an FYI copy to a non-attendee is to reply to the appointment. Yes, I said reply, not forward. Replying to an appointment doesn't create a meeting request that the recipient can add to his or her calendar, but because that person isn't actually attending the meeting, not having a meeting request shouldn't be too much of a problem. Create the reply by right-clicking the existing appointment in the calendar folder and choosing Reply from the context menu or, on an open appointment, by choosing Actions, Reply with Message. As you can see in Figure 1, the resulting message contains all the key information.

If the person receiving the FYI copy wants to add the appointment to his or her own calendar, he or she should drag the appointment to the Calendar folder to create a new appointment. All the key information will appear in the body of the appointment. The recipient will need to fill in the Start and End dates before saving the new item.

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