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Outlook: Using a Message to Create a New Item in a Different Folder

When I drag an email message to the Notes folder in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, a new sticky note pops up, but it contains only the From, To, and other header information. How can I get it to include the message body, too?

Dragging and dropping messages to different folders is a popular and easy way to create new items that contain information from the original message. I use the technique often to create a new contact and to save the message so that I can remember how I came to know that person. In Outlook 2003 before Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1), though, this feature doesn't work properly with the Notes folder when the message is in HTML format. After you apply SP1, dragging an HTML-format message to the Notes folder will work as expected—that is, it will copy the full header and body text into the note.

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