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Outlook T&T: Sending a Meeting Confirmation to Multiple Users

How can a user set up Outlook 2000 so that when he or she accepts a meeting request, the confirmation goes to a coworker as well as to the meeting request's originator?

Sending a confirmation to a coworker is relatively easy to do with Rules Wizard because meeting-request responses differ from other outgoing messages in the form they use. To build such a rule, start by creating a new blank rule that works on outgoing messages. For the condition, select the Uses the form name form check box, and in the Rule description box, click form name. In the Choose Forms dialog box, which Figure 2 shows, choose Application Forms from the drop-down list in the upper left corner. Select Accept Meeting Response, then click Add to add it to the rule. You might also want to add the Decline Meeting Response and Tentative Meeting Response forms.

After selecting the appropriate response forms, click Close. In the Rules Wizard, click Next, and for the actions select the stop processing more rules and Cc the message to people or distribution list check boxes. Click people or distribution list and choose the desired recipients from your address book. The rule will send a copy of each meeting response to the people listed in the rule.

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