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Outlook: Limiting Meeting Attendees with Group Schedules

How can I use a group schedule in Outlook 2002 to create a meeting with just a few of the individuals listed in the group schedule?

Group schedules are a new feature in Outlook 2002, which Figure 1 shows, that lets you easily see free/busy time for the groups of people you meet with most often. To start working with group schedules, switch to your Calendar folder, select Actions, then View Group Schedules. This action presents a dialog box in which you can create, open, and delete group schedules, which are just special variations of Outlook appointment items.

The choices you see when you click Make Meeting on the group schedule don't include an option for creating a new meeting with just selected contacts. You can, however, select New Meeting with All. When Outlook displays the meeting request, you can delete the recipients you don't want to invite.

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