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Messaging and Collaboration

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Secure, reliable messaging has become a must-have. But simply keeping email flowing and viruses at bay is no longer enough. Today's messaging administrators find themselves dealing with migrations, disaster recovery, archiving requirements, a flood of spam, and users who want (or need) to dive into Instant Messaging (IM) and online collaboration. Solutions that can help you deal with all these demands quickly and efficiently are worth their weight in gigabytes. But don't take our word for it—instead, we'll take your word. (For more helpful products, you might also want to check out the winners in our Disaster Prevention and Recovery, Security, and Storage categories on pages 27, 48, and 55, respectively.)


Mail Server
1st—Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
2nd—Vircom ModusMail
3rd—Rockliffe MailSite E-mail Server Software

Exchange Migration
1st—Quest Software Exchange Migration Wizard
2nd—DesktopStandard ProfileMaker Outlook Edition
3rd—NetIQ Exchange Migrator

Exchange Backup/Disaster Recovery
1st—Neverfail Group Neverfail for Exchange
2nd—HP OpenView Storage Data Protector
3rd—SteelEye Technology LifeKeeper for Exchange

Mail Archiving
1st—GFI Software GFI MailArchiver for Exchange
2nd (tie)—EMC EmailXtender
HP StorageWorks Reference Information Storage System
3rd—Sherpa Software Archive Attender

1st—Sunbelt Software iHateSpam
2nd—Qurb 3.0
3rd—Visualware eMailTrackerPro

1st—Sunbelt Software iHateSpam for Exchange
2nd—Barracuda Networks Barracuda Spam Firewall
3rd—Vircom ModusGate

IM Monitoring and Security
1st—Websense Web Security Suite
2nd—Red Earth Software Policy Patrol IM
3rd—Pearl Software Pearl Echo

Collaboration Solution
1st—Citrix Systems Citrix GoToMeeting Corporate
2nd (tie)—EMC Documentum eRoom
Quest Software Quest Collaboration Services for Exchange
3rd (tie)—Ipswitch Collaboration Suite
Performance Solutions Technology ManagePro

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